iSwipe FAQs

This FAQ applies to the latest version of iSwipe. If you are having problems with a previous version, UPGRADE.

Does it work on Mac Intel hardware?

Whilst iSwipe is not yet a Universal binary, it has been tested on Mac Intel hardware and works fine under Apple's amazing translation engine Rosetta. This includes the giFT and MLDonkey plugins.

Where is my Serial Number?

Firstup, iSwipe does not require a serial number. It is FREE software. If you do donate, you will get a registration number which will prevent it periodically expiring. However, you can still get the latest version and use it without donating.

If at some stage in the future I decide to make it Shareware, anybody who has donated over $10 will be sent a serial number. I hope to be able to keep it free, though.

You should normally receive your registration number within 24 hours. If not, drop me a line

Why is the manual SO out of date?

Good question. My wife keeps hiding my computer.

What about modem users?

iSwipe is really optimised for broadband users. If you're on a modem, and use OSX, I would suggest turning everything off apart from FastTrack in giFT, which should supply plenty of hits. Only turn Gnutella on as a last resort.

Whats giFT?

giFT is an open source plugin that currently supports OpenFT, Gnutella and FastTrack. It is only available for OSX.

How do I install giFT?

Click the install button in Preferences/giFT. If you have any problems getting giFT to install, remove the giFT folder in /Library/Application Support/iSwipe, and try again.

Why does the internal Gnutella server stop when using giFT?

giFT has Gnutella built in. If giFT gnutella is active, the inbuilt Gnutella server will stop. Gnutella places a significant load on your bandwidth, and so it is best not to have it running more than once.

What's MLDonkey?

MLDonkey is an open source plugin that currently supports eDonkey and FastTrack. It is only available for OSX.

How do I install MLDonkey?

Click the install button in Preferences/MLDonkey. If you have any problems getting MLDonkey to install, remove the MLDonkey folder in /Library/Application Support/iSwipe, and try again.

I have been told that the AutoInstaller for MLDonkey doesn't work in 10.1.X. I can't confirm that. But it definitely works in 10.2-10.4

You can also get the binary from Simply place the 'mlnet' file in /Library/Application Support/iSwipe/MLDonkey, and restart iSwipe.

MLDonkey quits on launch

There is a possibility this could happen if your default downloads folder contains international character(s).

I can't find /Library/Application Support/iSwipe

It's at the top level of your hard drive, not the Library/Application Support folder in your home directory!

Files downloaded from MLDonkey (FastTrack(M) and eDonkey) don't show up

Files downloaded through MLDonkey can take a minute or so to show up in the Downloads folder.
Worse, those containing international characters sometimes never seem to show up. If you get desparate, have a look in /Library/Application Support/iSwipe/MLDonkey/temp - the most recent file there might be the one you are missing but check the file size, and preferably make a copy of it rather than removing it from the folder.

Who is

HillmanMinx Software is not affiliated with This company is "selling" you MY software for a $24 fee. iSwipe is FREEWARE, you don't have to pay for it, but if you want to I'd rather you paid ME than this CON artist. If you are unhappy with the service you received from, I suggest you contact them and your credit card company. There is nothing I can do about it.

What OS is it tested under?

The only tested configurations are the PPC version under MacOS 9.2.2, and the carbon version under the latest available version of OSX

It crashes in MacOS9 !

It shouldn't, but..

If you have problems using the Carbon version under MacOS 9, use the PPC version.

If you have problems using the PPC version under MacOS 9, use the Carbon version.

Make sure you are using the latest version (MacOS 9.2.2)

Try increasing iSwipe's RAM allocation.

I get a Type 2 Error or other crash with MacOS 8

Please make sure you are using the PPC version, and make sure memory allocated is at least 8192K.

I get a crash with MacOS 6,7

I would be amazed if it didn't. If anyone has iSwipe running in MacOS 6 or 7, let me know!

Why does the Gnutella server take so long to show files?

The Gnutella server can take some time to show a lot of connected files (several minutes). That's the way it works. It is fundamentally different to a server-based network liked OpenNap.

Why all the "rescued items" full of iSwipe files when I reboot?

Seems to be a problem affecting some MacOS 8 or 9 users in early versions of iSwipe. Doesn't affect OSX users. It is a bug, but I don't yet know the cause., and I hope it has now gone away.

Why are you taking so long to fix the Preview???

Since I implemented "swarming" many versions ago, the downloading file is often broken up into several pieces. It is not as easy to play the partial file as it was before "swarming". I have got it partially working, and I will try and fix properly soon.

Why do you keep releasing incremental builds of iSwipe that expire!?

I am continually developing iSwipe, and I like to make improvements available as soon as I think they are worth it. Also, the search engines that iSwipe queries occasionally change their format, or the server networks change their protocol in some way, and I have to update iSwipe to get it to work again.

iSwipe expires because I do not want an older, non-working version of iSwipe to be floating around the net. iSwipe is not like an application designed to do a dedicated, isolated task - it needs constant work to keep it in tip-top shape! (Hint, donate :-)

Using Gnutella server slows my downloads and uses bandwidth even when I'm not doing anything!

The Gnutella server can easily consume 2-3KB/sec in network bandwidth. This is 7-10MB/hour, and can add up if you leave it on overnight. You have been WARNED. Turn down the number of connections in Prefs/Gnutella if it is a problem.

Why can't I share any files?

You should be able to, but you have to be running Gnutella in MacOS 8/9 or giFT in Mac OSX.

It doesn't work!!!!!!!

OK, I need more information than that. What exactly doesn't work? If it reports the number of Hotline and Carracho files OK, and returns lots of Hotline and Gnutella search hits, but Hotline and Napster downloading doesn'twork, you are probably behind a firewall. See below.

If a file is not online, or a server returns a result but the client does not answer, that file will not be downloadable, and it is not the fault of iSwipe.

Make sure you don't have a blank nickname.

As a last resort, delete the iSwipe Preferences file and/or iSwipe folder in Application Support and try again.

Why is my Prefs file so large?

It shouldn't be more than a few K in length. If it several MB in length, something is corrupted. Delete it, and restart iSwipe.

Will it work behind a firewall?

Sort of. There is basic provision for a simple web proxy, which will allow you to query the Gnutella and hotline search engines, but most firewalls will not allow gnutella, hotline or OpenNapster connections. Enable the following ports for best results.

 Service  Outgoing  Incoming
 Napster  7777,8888 (and others)  6699
 Gnutella  6346 (and others)  6346 (to share)
 FastTrack  1213-1215   1213-1215
 Hotline  5501  
 BitTorrent  6681-6689 (and others)  6681

I keep getting NilObject and Out of Bounds errors!

Send me the Error number, and Crash Report file if one is produced.

I keep getting other errors !

Let me know, with as much info as possible.

Carracho downloads don't work!

Carracho downloads are not possible, only searching. I will add it if someone figures out the download protocol!

Can you add support for Aimster, Mojo Nation etc?

As and when other protocols become "big" I'll add them where possible.

What does "Remotely Queued" mean?

It means a server has accepted your request for a download, but you have been placed in a queue on their machine (rather than the queue in iSwipe). Some servers are very busy, and you could be in the queue for hours or even days. But as long as you are online, and the link stays up, you should stay in the queue, and eventually get your file.

iSwipe expires in XX days. What do I do then?

There will be another beta released before the expiry date. iSwipe will automatically let you know when it's available. There will be no expiry date on the final release of iSwipe (whenever that may be :-)

Is there a Windows build?

Yes, but it doesn't work very well. If I can fix it, I may release it, but it's very low priority. Macs Rule, right?

Will it always be free?

Yes. It is now donate-ware, but it will not be crippled if you don't pay.

Keep up the feedback, suggestions, comments and bug reports!

Don't forget to include Mac type, iSwipe version, MacOS (7/8/9/OSX) and any details about what you were doing (AutoSearch on/off etc)


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