Best affordable laptops for programming

If you are a coder, you know you’re going to spend a lot of time in front of the computer. And for that reason, you should get a quality laptop for programming. But the best laptops for programming are often expensive. That’s why we decided to help you pick the perfect affordable laptop for programming.

There are some key factors to consider in a programming notebook. You want to have a nice keyboard that will feel good to code with. You should also get a laptop with good hardware so it loads quickly and you don’t have to experience annoying freezes. Trying to fix impossible to understand bugs can be annoying enough. And you shouldn’t pay too much for a programming laptop. There are plenty of good and affordable laptops out there that are great for programming.

We have picked 3 laptops that fit all these requirements. These laptops are suited for people that work with programming professionally if you are a student reading computer science consider the best laptops for computer science.

Here are the 3 best gaming laptops for programming:

HP 255

If you want a good but affordable alternative then the HP 255 might be a perfect choice. It is one of the best gaming laptops for programming with a potent AMD A6 CPU, a good price, and a solid design. The biggest weakness with the HP 255 is the RAM. You get only 4GB RAM which is on the lower side.

Lenovo E550

The Lenovo E550 is a laptop with a sleek look and a good build quality. It is a great laptop for programming with a vivid full HD display and a keyboard that feels good typing on for hours. Another advantage of the Lenovo E550 is the excellent cooling. It will keep cool no matter how long you use it.



The best premium alternative is the Asus F556UA. If you can afford to spend a bit more and want an amazing laptop for programming, then this is the notebook for you. It has a long battery life so you can code on wherever no matter if there is a power outlet or not. The Asus F556UA also contains an SSD. The SSD will make loading anything lightning fast. That is why the Asus F556UA is one of the best laptops for programming.

Technology Innovations In 2017

Hello Folks! So, the New Year is soon here, bringing in lots of new things, replacing the old ones completely or upgrading them. With lots of resolutions and too many dreams! Exactly, just like you and I even organizations have a common committed goal and dreams to achieve as they turn the calendar. Well, what’s that so new, for each one of us?

Innovations may be new, but the Technology isn’t a new term for us! We are witnesses to many new innovations which are making our lives much easier and better. Technology is changing the world for better. We shall tell you few of the many innovations that were made available this year, 2017.

Beat the traffic with Segway engineered with Robots

Is your travel time making you dread tired? Don’t know how to reduce the travel time and utilize that time for your family? Please switch to Segways! Ninebot Segway is ready to launch this year, with the old features of Segway with some robotics technology.

Yes, you read it right; Robotics in Segway’s is going to make your life go zoooooomm! Get ready to hit the streets with Segway’s that are designed with robots along to make your travel more convenient and smooth. It comes with GPS and voice-recognition technology to help you track your spot. Not just that, this device has a robot head and arms which can help you in carrying groceries when you aren’t riding on it. Isn’t it really interesting?

Sunscreen pills- the new innovation of 2017!

Who isn’t worried about skin? In these decades, where UV rays are said to penetrate the ozone and cause skin cancer, sunscreens are high on demand. Choosing the right sunscreen is another big problem to resolve. There are many companies claiming to be the best protector against the harmful radiations and harsh sun, but is that really true? After all this clearance, the nature of the creams are very oily, thick and sometimes they don’t stay long and sometimes we forget it. What if you come across Pills? Asking pills for what? Pills to be protected from the harmful radiations!

These pills are said to protect you from harmful UV rays and keep your skin good. Now you needn’t worry about choosing the right cream and the nature of cream. Just pop a pill and roam free and safe. Along with it, you can be assured of reliefs from many skin diseases caused due to excessive exposure to the sun. These pills don’t have any FDA restrictions like your lotions. This is still in testing but the product is soon to launch.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality device is already out on the market. But the more sharp and enhanced versions are going to see release this 2017. Gamers are in for the treat this year, with a lot of features coming up their way, enabling gaming experience to be one of its kinds. With Google DIY cardboard boxes, gamers and non-gamers are all rejoicing. Now with much more products lined up- 2017 is going to be the year of games.

There are many more advancements and releases this year! Wait and watch out for them and make your choice. Hope it was a good read.

Gaming Laptops – Are They Really Different From Regular Laptops?

Gaming has always been a craze amongst the younger generation. With the advent of laptops, gamers are not restricted to desktops to play their favorite games. There is a huge market for gaming laptops and the laptop giants such as Dell, Toshiba Sony is cashing by providing options in various price ranges, varying capabilities.

When you buy a regular laptop, it is fitted with a basic graphics card that cannot handle the kind of graphics or the gaming experience you require. A dedicated gaming graphic card can only accomplish this.

Another important aspect is the video memory. A larger and better video memory will contribute to a better gaming experience and hence this is necessary if you are looking for a dedicated gaming laptop.

Finally, the processor strength is one thing that cannot be undermined especially if you are looking for an ultimate gaming experience. In this case, ideally, it should be a Dual, or Quad Core Fast processors. Additionally, the RAM in your laptop is going to be the deciding factor to get a higher grade of performance and so here the higher, the better.

If you ask any person if there is a difference between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop, then the answer would be a yes. The main difference that people know of is that of the speed. While that is true, there are a lot more features that are different. Some of the main features are as below:

  • Design Look and Feel: In most gaming laptops, you will find that the design itself is much stronger. For instance, the keys are sturdier and the look itself is more stylish in gaming laptops. This is so it can withstand substantial force. In regular laptops, you will always notice an attempt to keep the laptops thinner and maybe less glossy.
  • Cooling systems: Typically, gaming laptops are equipped with heavy-duty processors, which enable the games to function uninterruptedly. They also have graphics, which use up power and heat up the processor. On the other hand, regular laptops have low-speed processors consuming less power. The base of the laptops differs in size due to the cooling systems, making the gaming laptops bulkier in size.
  • Handy: The above discussion leads us to this very point. The USP of most regular laptops is its portability. However, due to the bulky frame of gaming laptops, it is uncomfortable to carry around easily.
  • Pricing: Differentiating the laptops only on price will not be justified. The reason is that you will find all ranges of prices in both categories of laptops. What is essential is to find a laptop with the right kind of processor for the purpose.
  • Better Framerate: A screen refresh rate usually measured in Hz is the time that a laptop takes to display several frames. Obviously, a gaming laptop will require handling 60+ frames per seconds due to the very nature of modern games or graphics.

If you are in the market for a good gaming laptop, compare the various options available. For the best gaming experience for the best price, go for a gaming laptop under $1500 with graphics cards from the known players in the industry such as NVidia, and a CPU by Intel and you are good to go.

Consider this before buying a gaming headset

Gaming Gears are very popular these days. It’s true that it gives a different feel while playing the video games. Some of them are gaming chairs, gaming glasses, mouse, and headsets. Of these, the headsets help a person concentrate better and are quite popular. One can hear even the minute sounds in the game. The chirp sound of the birds, the sound of the waterfall in the background, the fighting sound of the enemies. All this can be easily heard with the help of a gaming headset.

Features available with Gaming Headsets

Gaming headsets come with different features apart from the surround sound. One can control the volume, can control the game with different buttons available in the headset, and can even switch over to hear one’s favorite music. These are only a few features of the gaming headset, there are lots more.

If you wish to purchase a gaming headset then wait!!!! There is also the darker side of these gaming headsets. Read further before deciding to purchase one.

Cons Of Using Gaming Headsets

Though there are various advantages of purchasing a headset, one should also consider the cons before using it. Everything in the world has got both good and bad characteristics. When you are going to purchase something, then it is a must for one to consider even the bad part of purchasing it.

  • Though it is specified that these headsets produce excellent sound quality and they have great surround sound, not many people hear it properly. Most of the headsets come with one or the other fault. It is better not to purchase them instead of having them to be exchanged a number of times. When you choose to purchase a headset, at the end you will become an expert in gaming headsets as you might have returned it for various reasons.
  • It may increase the involvement in the game. Yes, that is good when it is considered in the gaming perspective but what if something happens to you. You will not know anything that is happening in the actual world. It is good to play but it may not be good if you are not in a position to be aware of things around you.
  • Apart from the increase in involvement in the game, the sound that one hears by wearing the headset is not good for the ears. Constant hearing of the loud sound may even make you lose your hearing. If one uses it, it is better to have a break at regular intervals. Instead of caring for the game, care for your ears.
  • Gaming headsets are bit expensive when you consider all the parts that are used to build it.
  • A slight mishandling may destroy the entire device. It is not possible for one to handle it as precious gems. One will have to take it off and wear it a number of times. There are chances of handling it roughly. One might have spent many dollars in purchasing it, but it may be of no use when one carelessly mishandles it.

Conclusion: It is true that gaming headsets can make a player get involved in the game so much. Though it is fun to play the game by wearing a headset, caring for your ears is more important. Think well before you go in purchase for the gaming headsets.

Pay attention to the display in your high-end laptop

Remember the screen when you are on the lookout for a new laptop. That makes all the difference in the world. A mediocre equipment will not give you the rush and the adrenaline in a game or the clarity and color depth needed for editing pictures. A real high-quality gaming laptop or laptop for photo editing 2017 will pull you in completely and make you forget where you are from. That is the key to a good laptop experience.

The screen specifications for gaming and photo editing play a significant role while selecting one. Pay attention to the display in your gaming laptop. In this world, size matters. The bigger the better. A seventeen-inch wide screen can deliver an out of the world gaming experience. The resolution and the quality of the display should be good enough to handle the graphics. A 3D game is not possible without it.

The laws of thermodynamics cannot be ignored. There was a time when desktops were preferred to laptops for a realistic gaming experience.

With advancement in technology, this gap is now smaller. Highly creative engineers have come up with solutions to develop the perfect laptop display.


A display that is approximately 27 to 28 inches seems appropriate. There is 23-inch 4K displays available in the market but they are not enough to make the mark on the gamer. The visuals seem cramped. A full sized monitor is what is needed to get the full effect.

4K Resolution

Also known as 4K, this refers to the horizontal resolution of 4,000 pixels and a vertical resolution of 2,000 pixels. Digital Cinema Initiatives is the dominant 4K standard. They have a much faster adoption rate.

Video game consoles that support 4K streaming and gaming are preferred by ardent gamers. The prices of 4K monitors are slowly reducing and touching the affordability levels of most gamers.


The pixel per inch is a deciding factor for picking a good display. The type of LCD panel also affects the image quality. A higher PPI means a larger resolution is packed into a smaller physical space.

Cooling System

The cooling system also has a direct impact on the display of the computer. Clean the laptop cooling system meticulously

The graphic cards and the monitors are considered to be the biggest factors in the 4K gaming world. The set up of the current rig must be factored in before upgrading other components.

Initially close to $1300 was required to get the right 4K monitor, graphic card and power supply to bring the laptop to a certain gaming standard. With the fall in the price of 4K and the improved gaming experience, it is all worth it.

The reducing costs of the monitors and the rapid increase in the graphics technology have paved the way for economic 4K gaming. Yes, it is still expensive for many. Upgrade the power supply, loosen the purse strings a little and have a time of your life at the game. The 4K gaming has arrived.

Choose the right display and change the entire experience of the game. The size of the screen, the resolution, the screen type and the graphics processor are all vital factors in your next high end laptop.

Is a backlit keyboard a good feature in gaming laptops

There are hardly few things that cannot be done online. The laptop has proven to be one of the most valuable commodities that are accessed by the user any time of the day or night. The gaming culture and midnight sales make people get online at all odd hours. In situations where the lights cannot be turned on for whatever reasons, it makes perfect sense to use a backlit keyboard. The entire house need not be bright because the princess has to be rescued now, need it?

The Backlit keyboard

The backlit keyboard is one of the super-cool additions to the gaming laptop. Backlighting is a very common feature of the PC gamer market of keyboards from a practical point of view. It is not just for aesthetics but also to increase the visibility in low light environments.

How does a backlit keyboard work?

In a backlit keyboard, the keys are illuminated so that they are visible in the dim light and in the dark. A normal keyboard does not enable this feature. If your notebook computer has this backlit keyboard, one can use the special key to turn the light on and off.

What are the advantages of a backlit keyboard in a gaming laptop related equipment?

Gamers find the backlit keyboard a lifesaver. The keypad is lit and it brightens up because of the light that is embedded within the keyboard panel. Operating in the dark is very easy because of the clear visibility of the keyboard.

What are the disadvantages of a backlit keyboard?

A backlit keyboard will decrease the battery life of your notebook. It is mostly available in notebooks that are more on the expensive side. A person with the touch-type ability or considers the life of a battery very important can avoid backlit keyboards. An overhead light seems to be a simpler solution, in such a scenario.

Advantages of a backlit keyboard in a gaming laptop

Every move in the game is crucial. Any key that has been hit by accident or missed can cause catastrophic results in the game. If the trackpad is pressed by the palm when it is not supposed to be touched, in-game deaths are the result. It is very important to the player to be able to see every key on the board to avoid such untoward incidents. The player is most definitely faster and more confident when the keys are lit. There is also a beauty that emits from the keyboard that is enhanced with this feature.

Which laptop features backlit keyboard?

The popular laptops including the gaming ones feature the backlit keyboard. The MacBook Pro is proud to be one of them. When it comes to gaming laptop related, the Dell Inspiron and the PCMag both have included a backlit keyboard as one of its most highlighting features.

A backlit keyboard is a feature that most people would prefer to skip because of the advantages. While a gaming addict might appreciate the value more, a normal person could want to use the overhead light.