Do I Need More Memory?

A simple OSX tool to tell you if you need more memory, and if so, how much!

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Do I Need More Memory? 1.0b2 STABLE Mac OSX 10.2

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OSX has a sophisticated memory management system, which gives applications as much memory as they ask for. No more OS9-like messages "There is not enough memory to launch application XYZ"!

It does this by "pageing out" memory from physical memory (RAM) to Hard Disk. Unfortunately, pageouts can significantly slow down your computer, particularly when you are requesting significantly more memory than you have physical RAM.

Apple suggests a minimum of 128MB for OSX. However, this is only just sufficient to boot OSX. Once you open one or two applications, your RAM will be exhausted, pageing will occur, and your machine will slow down significantly.

DINMM reports when this pageouts are happening, and how often, and suggests to you whether you need more memory. So, how much extra should you buy? 128MB? 256MB? 512MB?

DINMM uses a clever way of estimating your total memory requirement ie. the total memory that would be required to avoid pageouts for the typical set of applications that you use.

How to use

1. Quit all applications other than the Finder.
2. Launch DINMM
3. Launch as many applications as you want to use without experiencing any RAM shortage slowdowns.
4. DINMM will assess whether you need any more memory, and if so, how much.

Known Issues

Only tested on MacOS 10.2.3


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Do I Need More Memory? 1.0 is DonateWare. Let me know if you use it, including suggestions for improvements, bug reports and problems, and if you find it useful, please consider a small donation.


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