Technology Innovations In 2017

Hello Folks! So, the New Year is soon here, bringing in lots of new things, replacing the old ones completely or upgrading them. With lots of resolutions and too many dreams! Exactly, just like you and I even organizations have a common committed goal and dreams to achieve as they turn the calendar. Well, what’s that so new, for each one of us?

Innovations may be new, but the Technology isn’t a new term for us! We are witnesses to many new innovations which are making our lives much easier and better. Technology is changing the world for better. We shall tell you few of the many innovations that were made available this year, 2017.

Beat the traffic with Segway engineered with Robots

Is your travel time making you dread tired? Don’t know how to reduce the travel time and utilize that time for your family? Please switch to Segways! Ninebot Segway is ready to launch this year, with the old features of Segway with some robotics technology.

Yes, you read it right; Robotics in Segway’s is going to make your life go zoooooomm! Get ready to hit the streets with Segway’s that are designed with robots along to make your travel more convenient and smooth. It comes with GPS and voice-recognition technology to help you track your spot. Not just that, this device has a robot head and arms which can help you in carrying groceries when you aren’t riding on it. Isn’t it really interesting?

Sunscreen pills- the new innovation of 2017!

Who isn’t worried about skin? In these decades, where UV rays are said to penetrate the ozone and cause skin cancer, sunscreens are high on demand. Choosing the right sunscreen is another big problem to resolve. There are many companies claiming to be the best protector against the harmful radiations and harsh sun, but is that really true? After all this clearance, the nature of the creams are very oily, thick and sometimes they don’t stay long and sometimes we forget it. What if you come across Pills? Asking pills for what? Pills to be protected from the harmful radiations!

These pills are said to protect you from harmful UV rays and keep your skin good. Now you needn’t worry about choosing the right cream and the nature of cream. Just pop a pill and roam free and safe. Along with it, you can be assured of reliefs from many skin diseases caused due to excessive exposure to the sun. These pills don’t have any FDA restrictions like your lotions. This is still in testing but the product is soon to launch.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality device is already out on the market. But the more sharp and enhanced versions are going to see release this 2017. Gamers are in for the treat this year, with a lot of features coming up their way, enabling gaming experience to be one of its kinds. With Google DIY cardboard boxes, gamers and non-gamers are all rejoicing. Now with much more products lined up- 2017 is going to be the year of games.

There are many more advancements and releases this year! Wait and watch out for them and make your choice. Hope it was a good read.

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